Nu-V3 2021

Nu-Life will begin 2021 with the launching

of a number of pre-market initiatives, treating those in need and  creating demand for Nu-V3. 


Sales and distribution of Nu-V3 will then begin in the United States, Europe, Japan and Latin America through our initial market models.

With 2020  behind us and the welcoming sight of 2021 in front of us, our mission is simple. Treat the greatest number of people in the shortest time possible. 


With patents in place, product development complete and market entry models identified, what is left to do is simple. Get treatment to people in significant numbers, now. 


The Nu-Life team has taken the time necessary to get it right and is now able to provide a simple and straightforward answer to a very complex problem, laying the foundation for market entry in 2021. 

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Our Points of Clarity and FAQ pages are a great way to get up to speed quickly on the what, how and why of Nu-V3, and milestones reached to get Nu-V3 and the Nu-V3 program where it is today.

Nu-V3 Initiatives

Prior to market entry, these initiatives are designed to demonstrate how Nu-V3 works, the safety and effectiveness of Nu-V3 and the simplicity and ease of use of the Nu-V3 treatment protocols.  The Nu-Life Executive Medical Team has developed program initiatives for getting Nu-V3 to people in need, beginning with healthcare workers, first responders and veterans.

For more detail on these initiatives: 

Market Entry Models

Entering the market in the United States, followed by  Japan, Europe and Latin America in 2021, the Nu-Life Executive Team has identified the initial market models, which will allow for diversified approach.  This allows us to reach a significant number of those in need, in a variety of settings and circumstances.

For more on our Market Models:


Patient and Provider Testimonials

Clinical Trial Results and Report