Introducing Nu-V3

Valid, proven, complex science - made simple

Simple to access - simple to apply - simple to use

Nu-V3 is a patented, miniaturized, wearable, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical technology, developed to mitigate the symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.


Nu-V3 utilizes the science of Neuromodulation without pharmaceuticals, surgery or implantation of any kind. 


The way in which Nu-V3 and the Nu-V3 program works, enables the autonomic nervous system or ANS, to go from dysfunctional to functional, allowing short and long term relief in a way that no other technology on the market does.

Here's how:

The Four Stages of Nu-V3

First, Do No Harm

Non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical with no negative side effects.

Break the Cycle

Breaks the physical and emotional dependency on pharmaceuticals.

Regain Balance

Facilitates the rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system or ANS.

Achieve Long Term Relief

Rebalances the autonomic nervous system steadily over a period of weeks

Real relief just does not have to be that complicated