Introducing Nu-V3

Nu-V3 . . . the Future of Effective Neuromodulation

Valid, proven, complex science of neuromodulation - made simple

Simple to access - simple to apply - simple to use

Nu-V3 is a patented, miniaturized, wearable, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical technology, developed to mitigate the symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.


Nu-V3 utilizes the science of neuromodulation without pharmaceuticals, surgery or implantation of any kind. 

The Four Stages of Nu-V3

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First, Do No Harm

Non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical with no negative side effects.

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Break the Cycle

Breaks the physical and emotional dependency on pharmaceuticals.

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Regain Balance

Facilitates the rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system or ANS.

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Achieve Long Term Relief

A balanced ANS is the driving force in achieving long term relief.

Real relief does not have to be that complicated

Did you know?  Interesting facts about Neuromodulation and Nu-V3