About Us

Our People

Perhaps the single greatest accomplishment these past few years is the gathering of team members that have expertise and experience in each of the specific areas of need for Nu-Life and


The coming together of these team members from all walks of life and with experience in clinical trials, medical and science, IT and compliance along with IP (patents and trademarking) and the trials and challenges these past few years has resulted in a team that is truly mission driven and understands that if we take care of the patient's needs first, the global success of the company will follow.

Our Story

Nu-Life and Nu-V3 have seen many developments and changes over the years, whether in the design and production of our technology, the protection of that design globally or the preparation of market entry in such a manner as to create significant demand by demon-strating efficacy along with market feasibility through our clinical programs.  For example, choosing to own and control our own production and supply chain certainly added to the time it has taken, but now allows us to respond very quickly to demand and update technology with no interruption in delivery.

Our Mission

With the numerous issues today regarding health care and getting relief to those in need no matter what their financial status or coverage might be, we believe it is our responsibility to treat the greatest number of people in the shortest time possible. The debilitating effects of PTSD, the epidemic of opioid addiction and the sheer numbers of those with chronic symptoms, demand that we do everything in our power to treat those in need, no matter the circumstances.  

These are global problems and we have a global answer.  Of course we must be responsive to managing our business and sales, but this team will always find ways to treat the underserved.


Meet our Executive Teams, each member with the skill and experience in their area of expertise needed to provide Nu-V3 with the greatest opportunity for success.

In addition to our Executive Teams, we have now formalized our Global Logistics and Market Entry teams.

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