Funding From Development to Operations

With the development phase for Nu-V3 near completion, Nu-Life USA is preparing to become operational with an anticipated launch early 2021. The three most important tasks for Nu-Life USA to become operational are producing the final device runs which are designed for self-application, delivering those devices for final safety testing for FDA clearance and going live with the Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program so we may create demand as safety testing is completed.   

The sections below highlight the three key tasks and associated cost for jumpstarting Nu-Life USA.

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Produce final Nu-V3 Devices for Self-Application

Partly as a result of Covid-19 and the acceleration of our Remote Treatment Program, along with the tremendous need for relief from the anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.  Nu-V3 has now been designed to be delivered directly to the patient to be self applied with the entire year long treatment program managed virtually from the safety of the patient's home.  Nu-V3 devices will be produced at cost, to serve the remote program and supply devices for safety testing.                Latest Nu-V3: Click here                                                                                                                                                                                                   Associated cost:  Approximately$185,000

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Complete Safety Testing for Regulatory Clearance

Our regulatory clearances include FDA for the United States and Latin America, CE Marking for Europe and Canada, and Ninsho for Japan and Asia.  The material elements and intentions for them are the same.  We are a non-invasive technology considered to be low risk.  While preparation for each is slightly different, the last significant regulatory task to be performed is the final stage of safety testing, which is valid globally.  Our contracted safety testing organization is one of the largest, most qualified in the world.  Intertek Worldwide

More on regulatory, Click here

                                                                                                 Associated cost: Approximately $195,000

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Finalize and Execute the Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program

Our Remote Treatment Program was originally scheduled to go online after full market entry.  However, with the changing environment these past few months, the Nu-Life team has accelerated all efforts to launch this as soon as possible, beginning with an initiative to treat our protectors.  We will begin with first responders, healthcare workers and veterans, then expand to those in need who are suffering from the anxiety, depression and sleeplessness caused either directly or indirectly by the Covid-19 crisis.  The telemedicine and tele-health system being developed will be our own branded platform.

Remote Treatment Program:  Click here                            Associated cost: Approximately $175,000



We recognize that our Inner Circle members are committed and engaged at a high level.  A number of our members are engaged separately from their investment and serve as partners or advisors.  In addition, a number of Inner Circle members have increased their investment at different junctures of our development.  With the tasks described above, we would love to encourage anyone willing to help us finance these tasks, to contact us for details about our convertible loan opportunity.