The Nu-V3 Clinical Treatment Program

Clinic Sm.png

Our Clinical Treatment Program is a location based program that offers patients to the opportunity to visit a certified Nu-V3 treatment provider at a location which is convenient to them.  Each treatment provider is trained and certified to deliver a complete patient experience, which include patient consultation, education, device placement and program management. Results tracking, collection and reporting are performed weekly.

With the launching of our Remote Treatment Program, elements of this program such as the initial consultation, weekly check-ins and results tracking may be performed remotely, giving our patients flexibility based on their specific needs.

Access to this program will become available as restrictions resulting from Covid-19 are eased and we may ensure the safety of our patients.  Our Remote Treatment Program is designed to be fully Covid-19 compliant!

Previous to these programs and pre market entry Nu-Life is launching a series of initiatives designed to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of Nu-V3, the simplicity of the application and the ease of use.  For more details on these initiatives and the clinical protocols, please see the following links.

This program is Covid-19 Compliant