The Science of Nu-V3

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Understanding the science behind Nu-V3 helps to explain why Nu-V3 is a real answer for many who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.  In addition, a deeper dive into the way Nu-V3 works with the body's natural resources and abilities also helps to clarify the benefit of a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach and the stark difference in the way natural opioid receptors stimulated by Nu-V3 differ from pharmaceutical opioids and the their tendency toward high tolerances and addiction.

Mechanisms of Action

More than ten years of research, feasibility studies and product development has resulted in our technology which acts to relieve the symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness, short and long term. Accessing the cranial nerves through the auricular (ear) area, allows for Nu-V3's micro-signal to stimulate the body's met-enkephalins, lowering anxiety and depression and allowing the patient to rest and relax.  The increased blood flow (vasodilation) and lowering of sympathetic overload helps to lower inflammation and balance the autonomic nervous system over a period of weeks, for long term relief.

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Cranial Electrical Stimulation

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES)

is the action of stimulating the cranial nerves through the auricular area.  Nu-V3 does this non-invasively and non-pharmaceutically and is what helps set Nu-V3 apart from any other available technology.   

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Met-Enkephalin Production

Understanding Met-Enkephalin production and how we might better utilize these natural opioid receptors to increase the effectiveness of Nu-V3, is a significant part of our ongoing research.

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Vasodilation - lower inflammation

Improving blood flow and reducing inflammation are both core benefits from neuromodu-lation utilizing Nu-V3, for the mitigation of chronic symptoms from an adverse event or disease.

Symptom Origins

The reasons or causes behind the presenting symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness are varied and numerous.  The common denominator in these issues are these symptoms.  Over a period of time and without effective treatment, these symptoms become chronic and very difficult to mitigate, often leading to a dependency upon addictive medications that become less and less effective the more they are used.  A variety of neuromodulation therapies have proven effective in the short term, but the inconvenience and lack of mobility make these therapies less patient compliant and do not provide long term relief.  While there are additional uses for Nu-V3, the following foundational causes cover a significant portion of our targeted patient population.


Adverse Event or Injury

An accident or other type of adverse event often will result in the symp-toms   of pain, anxiety, depression and/or sleeplessness, along with reduction in activity, lowering a person's overall quality of life.


Disease or Disorder

Diseases or disorders such as fibromyalgia, rhuematoid arthritis and diabetic neuropathy almost always involve the associated symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression or sleeplessness.


External Stressors

Stressful situations which are daunting and unrelenting may result in long term chronic anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. The stress resulting from Covid-19 is a good example.

The Tools in Our Toolbox

While Nu-V3 is a revolutionary technology with ten years of research behind it to be sure it is safe, effective and patient compliant, the comprehensive Nu-V3 treatment program and heart rate variability (HRV) results tracking and reporting system are critical elements to attaining the desired efficacy and long term results for our patients.  These elements work together to provide a complete and uncompromising treatment program dedicated to one thing, significantly improving the lives of those we treat.


Nu-V3 2.0

Nu-V3 has now been updated in a number of significant ways, with perhaps the most important being the ability for self application of the device by the patient and simpler application should a provider place the device.  Additional features add comfort and ease of use overall.


The Nu-V3 Treatment Program

The comprehensive Nu-V3 treatment program is critical to achieving a successful outcome for the patient and helps to ensure they receive  treatment which provides the greatest opportunity for short term symptom relief as well as long term benefit

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Heart Rate Variability Tracking

Heart rate variability tracking through our software, designed to analyze the patent's autonomic nervous system (ANS) and track improvements in the balance of the ANS, offers an opportunity to validate results while also confirming Nu-V3's is effective.

Scientific Background and Clinical Posters

The major elements surrounding the science of Nu-V3 include the autonomic nervous system, cranial electrical stimulation, heart rate variability and central sensitization.  Understanding how these elements play a role in the science behind Nu-V3 has had significant impact in our ability to deliver a technology and treatment program that can offer long term relief.

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