Nu-V3 Treatment Program Models

The Nu-V3 treatment program models are provided as pre-market programs, designed to treat patients under clinical trial as Nu-Life prepares for full market entry upon regulatory clearance.  These pre-market programs are IRB approved, multi-site and multi-discipline clinical trials, conducted to the highest standard and identical to the treatment program models we will launch upon regulatory clearance. 


There are three distinct treatment program models; the Clinical Treatment Program Model, Mobile Treatment Program Model and Remote Treatment Program Model.  Each program model is identical with respect to the application and use of Nu-V3, but allows for flexibility if the patient chooses to be treated at home or cannot travel to the clinic.  Both the Mobile Treatment Program Model and The Remote Treatment Program Model allow our patients to utilize the Nu-V3 treatment program from the safety and comfort of their home.

Under the current crisis and conditions of Covid-19, neither the Clinical Treatment Program or the Mobile Treatment Program are plausible.  However, our Remote Treatment Program allows for a virtual treatment experience utilizing on screen consultation, virtual intake interview, direct delivery of Nu-V3 to the patient and simple tutorials on the application and use of Nu-V3.


Our Remote Treatment Program was originally scheduled to go online after full market entry.  However, with the changing environment these past few months, the Nu-Life team has accelerated all efforts to launch this as soon as possible, beginning with an initiative to treat our protectors.  We will begin with first responders, healthcare workers and veterans, then expand to those in need who are suffering from the anxiety, depression and sleeplessness caused either directly or indirectly by the Covid-19 crisis.

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This program is Covid-19 Compliant

The Simplicity of Entering the Nu-V3 Program

Direct to Patient.png

As Nu-V3 becomes FDA cleared and enters the market in the United States, the graphic above demonstrates the simple and straightforward process of entering the Nu-V3 program.

The Nu-V3 online process and direct deliver is applicable for any of the treatment program models, whether The Clinical Model, The Mobile Model or The Remote Treatment Model, the patient simply applies the device themselves or supplies the device to the clinic or provider for application.