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The Inner Circle FAQs

What is the Nu-Life Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is comprised of highly valied and trusted individuals who have not only helped us get where we are today, but also are willing to engage and assist in taking Nu-V3 to market.

Are Nu-V3 Inner Circle members investors?

Many of our Inner Circle members have contributed financially. However, in many cases, these members have contributed to efforts beyond funding. Some have become U.S. and Global advisors and some have even joined forces in some way, collaborating in areas where their expertise and experience adds value!

Can anyone become an Inner Circle member?

Our corporate culture dictates that those bring resources to the Nu-Life effort, come through our Executive Team, Executive Medical Team or close associates. This includes invetments. We take pride in knowing and engaging with our Inner Circle members in a way that the confidential nature of our technology and work product is not comprimised.

Is the Inner Circle limited to the United States?

Absolutely not! While our efforts to enter the market with Nu-V3 in 2021 are focused presently on the United States, Europe, Japan, Latin America and Canada will soon follow. We have expended considerable time and effort in setting the stage of a number of these global regions, so we may extend our success in the United States as seamlessly as possible.