Nu-Life USA is a U.S. based company with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and is the exclusive provider of Nu-V3, the miniaturized, wearable, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical device and treatment program for those suffering from acute and chronic pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness throughout the United States and United States Territories.  Nu-Life USA holds the exclusive sales and distribution rights as well as the United States patent license for Nu-V3.

Opportunity and Responsibility

Pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness know no boundaries. The empowered or the underserved. The wealthy or the needy. The young and the aged.  Nu-Life USA is committed to treating people in need from all walks of life.

Three Distinct Treatment Program Models

The Nu-Life USA team has developed three treatment program models and a comprehensive telemedicine and tele-health platform to help ensure any patient who needs Nu-V3 will have access. 

From Pre-Market to Full Market Entry

As the Nu-Life USA team prepares for market entry and operations upon regulatory clearance, they are fine tuning these treatment program models to ensure a smooth transition from our pre-market programs to full market entry. 

The H.O.P.E. Initiative - Helping Our Protectors Endure

Nu-Life USA is preparing for market entry by launching The H.O.P.E. Initiative, treating healthcare workers, first responders and veterans under our IRB approved clinical programs.

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