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Nu-V3 2.0 

The beginning of 2020 was an exciting time for the Nu-Life team.  After years of development, feasibility tests and production runs with more than 700 design changes and upgrades, Nu-V3 was ready for patient use in significant numbers. Enter Covid-19.  Everything changed.  Delivering Nu-V3 for use in a clinical environment was suddenly not possible and how or when we would be able to execute our clinical programs was an unknown.  


A future version of Nu-V3 which allowed the device to be applied by the patient themselves was in the planning stage, but not yet finalized.  A quick review of the global circumstances and the ability of our design team to act quickly, led to  the now completed Nu-V3 2.0 which is simpler to apply for both patient and provider.


In tandem, with the help of our technology partners, we developed the Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program designed to utilize Nu-V3 2.0 with the ability to manage the patient's treatment program virtually, through telemedicine.  


We are excited to present Nu-V3 2.0 which has been designed to improve comfort, increase patient compliance,  make Nu-V3 simple to use and the Nu-V3 program easy to follow.

Upgraded Features of Nu-V3 2.0

Pull Tab for Ease of Use
Upgraded Top and Ear Clip
Upgraded Adjustable Ear Pad

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