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  • The science of neuromodulation has long been validated by the medical community.

  • Nu-V3 is the only safe and effective, non-invasive neuromodulation technology offering long term relief.

  • Nu-V3 was developed to deliver neuromodulation in a way never done before.

  • Nu-V3 is protected with granted patents and trademark registration.

  • We have prepared for the coming demand by designing and managing our own supply chain.

  • Nu-Life USA is within months of full market entry and preparing to become fully operational in 2021.

  • Case studies, feasibility studies and an IRB approved clinical trial for validation have all been completed.

  • Nu-V3 is in the final stages of regulatory clearance with only globally approved safety testing remaining.

  • The Nu-Life team has developed three foundational market models to launch in 2021.

  • A full pay model is in place to accompany the initial market models.

Points of Clarity and Areas of Focus