The Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program

Seven Simple Steps of the Remote Treatment Program

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Meet with our staff for the virtual consultation

Anyone suffering from pain, anxiety, depression and/or sleeplessness will be encouraged to contact us to see if Nu-V3 and the Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program may be right for them. A member of the Nu-Life clinical team will conduct an initial consultation to determine the person's viability for the program, based on specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. Every effort is made to ensure that once a person has been accepted into the program, they have the greatest chance for success.

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The Intake Interview

If it is determined that the Nu-V3 Program may be a viable option, an interview is scheduled and conducted with one of our healthcare professionals though a virtual interview utilizing our Virtual Visit platform. This is a confidential interview to discuss the patient's history and symptoms, so we may further determine that Nu-V3 will be of significant benefit, short term as well as long term.

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Nu-V3 is delivered directly 

Thanks to the proficiency of our logistics and production team, we have developed  a supply chain and delivery system which allows for a personalized Nu-V3 package to be delivered directly, so that the entire Nu-V3 Treatment Program is administered and managed from the safety of the patient's own home.  Each device is returned after use, using a pre-addressed label so we may repurpose the device for philanthropic use.

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Apply the Nu-V3 Device

The Nu-Life design and production team has recently accelerated our efforts for the Remote Treatment Program and in doing so has:

  • Created a Nu-V3 device which is simple for the patient to apply themselves

  • Developed easy-to-follow instructions as well as video tutorials and a live hotline

  • Engineered the device so that only one per month is needed.

  • Created a 24/7 virtual support system for any questions the patient may have

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Weekly Virtual Check-in 

Through our HRV results reporting system, the Nu-V3 clinical team is able to monitor the patient's progress remotely.  However, the patient also checks in virtually with one of our clinical team members, so they may report results and inquire about anything regarding the program with an actual person

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Meet with our clinical staff virtually for follow-up and aftercare

Comprehensive support and aftercare once the program has been completed is very important.  Each patient receives an HRV (Heart Rate Variability) wearable device at the beginning of the program, which will also be used in aftercare to collect precise HRV data critical to tracking the patient's progress and also alerting the Nu-Life team if the patient's symptoms begin to return, long after the program has been completed.

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Get on with life

During the Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program, the patient is advised to refrain from strenuous tasks or activities which they have not performed in some time, due to their illness, adverse event or recovery. Once the program is complete and both patient and clinical staff agree that the patient is able to enter the aftercare phase of the program, we want to hear from our patients about their new lives!  If they need us in the future, we will be there.

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