The Path to H.O.P.E.

Stages of the Initiative 

What participation means to H.O.P.E.

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The Nu-V3 Life-line

There is no substitute for talking to a real person, especially when you are feeling at risk or in need. Whether the caller is looking for more information on Nu-V3, The H.O.P.E. Initiative, or just looking to connect with someone who will listen, we will be there.  The Nu-V3 Life-line is not just for Nu-Life patients, we are there to empathize, help and, if needed,  direct the caller to a resource dedicated to his or her specific needs.  

Note:  If the caller has a life threatening emergency, they will be asked to hang up and call 911.

Spread H.O.P.E. to Recipients

As an integral part of The H.O.P.E. Initiative, the Nu-Life team has developed and organized a number of ways to spread the word.  From word of mouth to numerous social media platforms and media events, the Nu-Life team, our partners and supporters will help spread the word about Nu-V3 and The H.O.P.E. Initiative.  Regular updates on social media and our GoFundMe site, along with actual patient testimonials will help us to treat the greatest number of people in the shortest time, as we prepare to launch Nu-V3 into the marketplace early 2021.

Virtual Consultation

With the advancement of our tele-medicine and tele-health platforms, we are now able to provide initial, free consultations to answer specific questions from prospective trial participants or their primary care physicians, virtually and confidentially.  The initial consultation is the next step in the process of entering The H.O.P.E. Initiative program and is focused on more detailed information regarding the patient's historical and current acute or chronic symptoms.  Following this consultation, the clinical team review the inclusion and exclusion criteria to see if the The H.O.P.E. Initiative offers a significant chance of success for the patient.

Heart Rate Variability Testing 

While collecting patient information with validated questionnaires during the initial consultation is very important in determining the viability of the patient for H.O.P.E., once the patient has been accepted into the program, the Nu-Life Clinical Team utilizes heart rate variability testing to obtain a very clear understanding of the patient's level of autonomic dysfunction and level of suffering.  We deliver everything needed for this simple 30 second, non-invasive test, to the patient at home.  The ECG data collected is processed through our HRV software to give the patient, their primary care physician and our clinical team the information needed to track patient results.

Pakging 2.png
Patient Preparation for Treatment 

Each patient is provided with a number of resources to prepare them for the Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program.  Once the patient has completed the intake process and the Nu-Life clinical team has received the HRV test results, the patient is ready to apply the device.  The Nu-V3 package includes everything needed including tutorials, instructions for use and access to Nu-Life live support, including a special ID card that is loaded with introductory info, tutorials, FAQs and even a personal message from the person or persons responsible for their program!


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The 12 Month Program

Thanks to recent Nu-V3 technology advances, the life of the device has been extended to allow for a monthly replacement and a full 12 months of treatment, complete with everything needed delivered on a monthly basis to utilize the Nu-V3 technology, as well as the HRV testing which is performed on a weekly basis throughout the treatment program.  Our ability to monitor the patient's progress 24/7 and collect results and data, helps us to determine when the patient is ready to migrate to quarterly treatments or discontinue treatment and enter the aftercare phase.

The12 month Aftercare and Follow-up Phase

 The H.O.P.E. initiative does not end with the completion of the 12 month treatment program.  Once the patient has completed the initial program and it is determined that the results and progress are such that the treatment may be discontinued, the patient is provided with a wrist wearable HRV tracker.  Similar to other wearables, which track heart rate, performance data and sleep, the Nu-V3 wearable utilizes actual ECG data from the patient 24/7 and delivers the HRV data to our clinical team.  This allows us to monitor the patient 24/7 to be sure their autonomic nervous system remains functional and if not, alerting us so we may determine the best approach for the patient.

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