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In the Spotlight

Dr K.

Dr. Kennette Thigpen-Harris interviews our medical leadership in frank, unrehearsed interviews.

As Nu-Life now prepares to enter the market, our medical teams are leading the way, expanding the use cases and patient populations for Nu-V3.  we have had the good fortune to attract medical team members who's experience and backgrounds align with these expanded uses.  Dr. Kennette Thigpen-Harris (Dr K), one of our newest Medical Alliance members is creating a series of interviews with our medical and science leadership, speaking to Nu-Life and Nu-V3 in their own words.

IndyCar Racer, Charlie Kimball

Interview with Charlie Kimball, November 3, 2021

Please note:  This video contains proprietary material and information, regarding Nu-Life Solutions and Nu-V3.  Content is meant for viewing by those with authorized access to this area of the Nu-V3.Info portal.

Dr. John Rosa

Interview with Dr. John Rosa, August 10, 2021

Interview with Dr. Rick Rosa, September 2, 2021

Interview with Dr. Vipul Kella, August 16, 2021

FAQs with Dr. Rick Rosa, September 2, 2021

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