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About Us

Nu-V3 is the first neuromodulation technology brand to apply 10 years of research, innovation and engineering to create a device that is simple to apply, easy to use and allows for any everyday activity.

With several years in development, our miniaturized design and materials fuse natural science with cutting edge technology. Designed with the body in mind and built to seamlessly and non invasively fit into your lifestyle while you mitigate your daily routine, Nu-V3 is a patented and trademark registered neuromodulation device to treat the symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and sleep-lessness, which is miniature, wearable, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical.  

Nu-Life Solutions is the global developer of the Nu-V3 technology and delivers Nu-V3 through regional providers such as Nu-Life USA, Nu-Life Europe, Nu-Life Japan, Nu-Life Latin America and Nu-Life Canada.

Join us along this journey:

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