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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Nu-V3?
    Nu-V3 is a patented, miniaturized, wearable, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical medical device.
  • What is Nu-V3 used for?
    Nu-V3 has been developed to manage and mitigate the symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Other benefits of Nu-V3 are an increase in activity, lesser dependence on as-needed pain, anxiety and depression medications and an overall increase in quality of life.
  • How does Nu-V3 work?
    Nu-V3 works by sending a tiny micro-signal through the auricular (ear) area, to the cranial nerves, more specifically the vagus, facial, trigeminal and glossopharyngeal nerves, helping to stimulate enkephalins (a strong endorphin) and over a period of weeks, re-establish balance of the autonomic nervous system. Vagal nerve stimulation, vasodilation (increased blood flow) and vital enkephalin production are the three main elements of the non-invasive neuromodulation Nu-V3 delivers.
  • How is Nu-V3 used?
    Nu-V3 is worn comfortably behind the ear and allows the patient to sleep, shower and perform almost any everyday activity while wearing Nu-V3.Nu-V3 may even be worn during sports such as golf or tennis. Nu-V3 is replaced once per month and the tiny gel-pads once per week.
  • Is Nu-V3 safe?
    Because Nu-V3 delivers the science of neuromodulation non-invasiveley, non-pharmaceutically and with such a tiny micro-signal, it is considered very safe. There are no known negative side effects from Nu-V3 or the Nu-V3 Treatment Program. Nu-V3 has also been designated as 'non significant risk' (NSR) by the insitutional review board (IRB) responsible for approving our clinical programs.
  • Who is Nu-V3 for and how can I get it?
    Anyone suffering severely from the symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression and or sleeplessness. Our initial patient populations include those suffering from neuropathy, back and joint pain, PTSD, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, literally anyone suffering from these symptoms may find Nu-V3 is a real answer for them. NOTE: Nu-Life anticipates the availability of Nu-V3 to the general population in 2021. At this time, we have launched The H.O.P.E. Initiative, a clinical program to benefit healthcare workers, first responders and veterans, utilizing Nu-V3 and the Nu-V3 Remote Treatment Program. See The H.O.P.E. Initiative FAQs below for more information.
  • What is the science behind Nu-V3?
    Nu-V3 utilizes the well established science of Neuromodulation. While Nu-Life did not invent or discover the science of neuromodulation, we developed a minaturized, non-invasive, easy to use technology that delivers this science 24/7 in a way that no one else does.
  • What is the difference between Nu-V3 and other neuromodulation technologies?
    While there are a number of forms of neuromodulation, what sets Nu-V3 apart is the ability to deliver the stimulation non-invasively, non-pharmaceutically. Nu-V3 is also comfortable to wear on the ear and simple to use, significantly increasing patient compliance. Because Nu-V3 is miniaturized and lightweight it enables the patient to perform almost any everyday activity. The most important distinction is the long term benefit Nu-V3 offers and the opportunity to discontinue treatment once the patient's ANS has become functional once again.
  • Is the Nu-V3 program covered by insurance?
    We do anticipate the cost of the Nu-V3 program to be covered in a number of ways, from self-insured corporations for their employees to major healthcare providers and agencies. In today's ever-changing environment of insurance coverage for healthcare, the significantly lower cost of treatment, ease of use and low risk (no negative side effetcs) allows Nu-V3 to be considered as standard of care as we acquire regulatory clearances. Even private pay becomes an advantage over the cost of the patient's existing out-of-pocket cost of c
  • I am a heathcare worker looking for a resource to talk about coping with the daily stresses of my work and/or home life. What or who would you suggest?
    Possible resources: Covid-19 resources for nurses: AMA Healthcare Providers in Crisis: Clinicians in Crisis during Covid-19:
  • I am a first responder. I am looking for someone to connect with on the issues facing us during this time of crisis.
    Possible resources: The DRAN first responder network. The Code Green Campign for First Responders: Crewcare for First Responders:
  • I am a veteran. I understand Nu-Life will be offering treatment for symptoms associated with PTSD soon. Presently, I am looking for a resource to connect with regarding my specific situation. Can you help?
    Absolutely. While there are numerous resources for veteran support, some you may have already contacted, the following lists are the resources we believe are the most significant in terms of immediate guidance: Veteran crisis support PTSD resource: National Veterans Foundation:
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