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The Nu-V3 Clinical Program

The Nu-V3 Clinical Program has been carefully created with the patient in mind.  From initial intake and 24 hour check-ins to life after treatment, we are here for you. The Nu-Life Solutions medical and clinical leadership has devised a set of standard operating procedures for each Nu-V3 initiative and clinical program.  The objective is to ensure that each program operates by the same set of standards, protocols and clinical process.  While there may be unavoidable differences due to regulatory and resource capabilities in a region, it is important to hold very close tolerances on each element of the clinical process.  This allows for a higher level of validation and acceptance of results and data.

The following describes each step of the Nu-V3 Clinical Program.  The actual treatment protocol, which will be utilized for our initiatives, pre-market, may differ slightly between programs depending on logistical differences among clinics.  Click the icons below for more detailed information on each category.

Initial Consultation


Device Application

device application-01.png

Intake Interview

intake interview-01.png

24 HR Follow-Up

24hr follow up-01.png

Patient Education


Weekly Check-In

weekly check in-01.png

Prepare for Treatment

Shape 1.png

1 Month - Device

device replacemtn-01.png

HRV Test




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