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Our Executive Team

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Marketing & Sales Strategies

Dianne's focus has been on business development and strategic partnerships as we build out our Market Entry Programs (MEPs) with clinic networks who have reach beyond one specific area. Our initial partners will be "Preferred Providers" as we launch Nu-V3 this year. Dianne makes this process seamless and adherent to our vision.

Our Executive Medical Leadership

Meet our executive medical leadership.  We are honored to have such a diverse, well rounded medical and clinical team, each with his own unique experience in the field of neuroscience and treatment for chronic symptoms. Although neuroscience is the common denominator among our medical leadership, each team member brings his own specific experience and perspective to the medical and clinical efforts to demonstrate the science and efficacy of Nu-V3 and the Nu-V3 program.  

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Our Clinical Leadership

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From the Desk of Medical and Clinical Team Members

Our medical and clinical teams who have set the standard for excellence these past few years will be our voice for the science, medicine and research, globally.  Read quotes directly from our Executive Medical Team  regarding their role, experience and position on Nu-Life and Nu-V3.

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