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Nu-V3 will assist with recovery from an injury, including post op surgery while also mitigating or eliminating the need for pain medications during treatment and after surgery.

Nu-V3 Pro

When athletes in pain seek medical help, they tend to have one thing in common. Whether they are professionals or amateurs, they want to get back to their workouts and events as soon as possible. With the help of Nu-V3 Pro, we can get you back to performing at your best.


Pain Management

The management of acute and chronic symptoms is at the core of what Nu-V3 offers to those suffering from pain, anxiety, depression and/or sleeplessness.  


Injury Recovery

Nu-V3 may assist both pre and post-op for preparing the patient for surgery and the mitigation of pain medication after surgery, as well as non-surgical injury recovery.


Elite Performance

Nu-V3 combined with the use of HRV technology helps increase efficiency of training and speed of recovery after training sessions, lowering anxiety during a peak performance event.

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